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Mac0SRumors: Sources unveil Mac OS X 10.3.6!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sources unveil Mac OS X 10.3.6!

Next Update (11:30PM today, we promise! After the annual invite only rumors bash in Portlands hottest night spot. Advertisers, we'll see you there and don't be square.)

Some of Rumors most precious and sacred secret sources have recently been blessed with a very early (early alpha development stages!) build of Mac OS X 10.3.6. Rumors, though no small feat, were able to confirm the authenticity (93% reliability) of the Mac OS X 10.3.6 mere existence profile, through private Apple Internal Documents passed off by a familiar Rumors source and family cousin, and also confirmed by at least a dozen other Apple employees who were contacted via the grapevine.

Current build information: Mac OS X 10.3.6 build "8N03"
Size: 58 MB
Contained: in Mac OS X .dmg image
Codename: Viognier (Bouciallay pompay hey hey)

Secret documents obtained by Rumors from the grapevine also list these somewhat juicy enhancements.

Key enhancements:
- AirPort 4.1 Software improves stability and performance of the AirPort Express and iTunes.
-iTunes 4.7 featuring "iDJ" remix and broadcast (Requires AirPort Express)
-Improvements to USB, FireWire, and Quartz Extreme.
-iSync 1.5 includes support for the latest bluetooth enabled cell phones and supports wireless iTunes sharing with new Motorola phones.
-Updated Terminal Application
-Expose Professional now caters to the power user, offering 8 separate virtual desktop workstations at the touch of a key.
-CoreVideo for Panther
-Safari 1.4 features search-anywhere technology.
-Previous stand alone security updates.

All in all, performance of the new system was very buggy when tested in the Rumors labs briefly for 4 minutes. Ad dew, a par, a lone we last us be, we could not retain the copy from our sources, nor did we want to jeopardize their careers! So screenshots will have to wait!

Although rumormongers frequenting the grapevine are at a seeming lull for further details or even a release date, your head-hancho believes we will see an imminent release of the system by December, in time for Christmas.

All in all, this is no small package for Apple to cram into a box that fits in between the Mac OS X 10.3.5 and Mac OS X 10.4.

More to come.

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