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Mac0SRumors: Grape vine: PowerBook G5 has AT&T Wireless web capabilities built in! (90% Reliability)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Grape vine: PowerBook G5 has AT&T Wireless web capabilities built in! (90% Reliability)

During that excruciatingly painful trip to Boston, your favorite rumormongers ran smack into a Mobile Quickie Mart, but later into a Prototype of Apple's new PowerBook G5! (See yesterdays report for specs). Boy are we juiced up like monkeys for this bad boy and have saved the last scoop for you today.

You are hearing it first right here on Rumors, Apple is very very secretly partnering with AT&T to include a AT&T wireless technology in the PowerBook G4 that will give you the advanced power of the AT&T Wireless GPRS/EDGE network built on GSM. The network is by no small means a very fast one, but business types like ourselves on the go will overwhelmingly bow at its presence on an Apple laptop.

We should stress that the development of the new PowerBooks are very much ongoing, and the Mac rumormongering world is very much at a point presently where many things (notably the yields of PPC 970FX processors upon which Xserve G5s and new PowerMacs depend) remain very murky. Please do keep your grains of salt handy for the time being; we do not expect to be able to accurately extrapolate many things long-term until a few Months, and iPod minis actually ship and we can gauge IBM's ability to stay on-course with its future PPC 9xx processors.

According to festerers at the roots of the grape vine Apple and ATT will have a special data package available for Mac users who choose to buy a plan. One source, a very good friend of your head-hancho Ryan, and a sister in law to another Rumors staff member, says the deal on Mac users plates will be 50MB a month of bandwidth for $29.95. (Reliability 79%).

If the new G5 PowerBook users are animals and go over 50 MB they will have to pay $0.0127 per additional KB, the grape vine said.

All in all, we are now on our way back from the Macworld show and boy was it a Yawner. By the time we got their yesterday, some exhibitors had already packed up and left. We attempted to visit the Apple Store in Boston, but for some reason we could not find it.

Do you have any tips? It seems our email is not functioning due to the ongoing DNS issues, which should be resolved any day now. If you have tips, please post them in the comments section. Thanks ! Rumors Staff!

Questions? Comments? Know something we don't? Drop us a line! Support Mac OS Rumors healthy return, and the re-recovery of Toby by donating at least $35 through the Mac OS Rumors Honor System.


At July 15, 2004 at 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the same AT&T Wireless that will soon be merged into Cingular? Who knows what services will live on in the combined entity...

At July 15, 2004 at 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last blog contains some rather blatant errors. In the 2nd paragraph you mention a G4 PowerBook. Also, if 50MB per month of bandwidth is provided by AT&T with the special data package, no one is going to byte of that.

At July 15, 2004 at 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys are so full of shit, its laughable.

At July 15, 2004 at 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just crap. Building some shitty GPRS thing will just make the book obsolete even faster. Not to mention the different standards and Cell providers around the world. It makes no sense.

At July 15, 2004 at 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impossible, you can't partner with one vendor unless you arn't going to export. Besides with whole world is building commercial wifi networks so it would be more likely to have airport built in not GPRS ridiculous.

At July 15, 2004 at 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so full of crap. I found
the last time they updated was 2003, and even back then their main article on the front page is how MOSR just lies and you dont have any sources.
Why would they build in GPRS? Its just as easy to make a PCMCIA card which would then be compatible with all powerbooks and could be removed for export models. Or better yet, just sell it seperately. Sheesh.

At July 16, 2004 at 7:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading responses from other readers. From what they are telling you, I would say that you guys are done. Your site is down more than up, and the stuff you post isn't useful. Your 'DNS' and 'domain' issue has been going on for months. How long does it take to get a problem like that fixed? - Not that long.

I think it's time to turn out the lights at the Black Light media building and call it a wrap.

At July 17, 2004 at 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you guys nuts! This stuff is completely unbelievable. I have to take everything about this PB G5 with a truck load of salt.

At July 17, 2004 at 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering Apple themselves even said a PB G5 would not arrive before the end of the year, this is just pure BS again.

At July 18, 2004 at 1:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't stop laughing, tkanks !

At July 18, 2004 at 2:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give it up - we all know your just a guy with nothing better to do. You (and your 'team') need to give it up. I've heard of yoyur DNS problem for over a year now.

And the 'At least $35' donation - what a fcuking cheek!

Why are we all laughing?

At July 18, 2004 at 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We attempted to visit the Apple Store in Boston, but for some reason we could not find it."

Maybe because it's in Cambridge, not Boston, you asshat.

At July 18, 2004 at 8:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

You guys know that this is a troll? There is no more MacOS Rumors.

Think about it: this was the perfect anti-Apple-/anti-AppleRumors-troll opportunity. MacOS Rumors shut down, and with the advent of free Blogging... you could just say you are MacOS Rumors and proceed with the satires.

If you see MacOS Rumors again, it will probably be in real website form.


At July 21, 2004 at 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


So glad you're back Ryan!!

I was so worried in your absence. I can't wait for more dirt. When will we see the G5 PB drawings???

At July 22, 2004 at 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan, why don't you just go get a job and stop with the stories? Didn't the fact that nobody visited your last site tell you anything???

At July 22, 2004 at 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you people are idiots. i mean that towards mosr and most people that posted comments

At July 22, 2004 at 10:00 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

I wish it was true :)

At July 24, 2004 at 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In case some of you haven't made the connection...

While it's not impossible that this is the real Ryan Meader and that this really is some temp site while we await the return of MOSR to its own domain, the odds are really, really slim.

Consider this...

How long has been down? A long time. How long does it take to pay $10 and get your domain back, if for some reason you really did allow it to die?

And if the problem is not the domain name but rather a server issue, consider this: Why would you post on, instead of just paying a few dollars a month and having your site hosted on one of the hundreds of servers out there, so that you could retain your domain name, which took only an hour and $10 to re-purchase and get running again?

Furthermore, observe the writing. The style is much more informal and conversational, the usual hint of sarcasm is lacking, and the grammar, style, and structure are terrible. This is a far cry from the old MOSR, lacking both the witty, sarcastic style and the excellent control of language it used to have.

In addition to all this, the both the stories and the rumors seem increasingly unlikely. Absurd, even. A partnership with AT&T? Unlikely that Apple would go into that market while limiting themselves so completely to one distributor. It's a brilliant idea; but one would expect far better implementation than that from Apple.

And finally, a blogger account is FREE!!! That means that anybody at all could do this, and it wouldn't cost them a thing.

There's the pieces to your puzzle. Let's put them together: goes down, and after a couple months, it's pretty unlikely that it will come back. Some guy goes out and gets a account, and he starts posting. He makes up stories and he creates rumors. And the fact is that Rumors did, at one point, experience server and domain issues. So naturally, many believe that this is just what they've had to do to continue updating. I even did for a moment, before I actually read the updates.

Now the question is, why would anyone do that? What would be the point of pretending to be Does someone just not have a life? No. Actually, someone is quite an amazing scam artist.

Think about it. Rumors finds a way to come back, and tells stories about editors having tragedies without health insurance, and lawsuits, and on and on, and Toby being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. And loyal MOSR readers, as they always have, pull out their wallets and donate to the cause.

And Mr. Blogger D. Scamartist rakes in hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Still doubt? One last red flag: "at least $35". never asked for "at least" anything. They suggested an amount ($20, not $35), but they never required "at least" anything. Any donation was welcome.

It's always possible that we're just conspiracy theorists. It's always possible that all of this is actually true. I'd say the odds are a million to one. But there's still that one. But if I were you, I'd wait, and at least let "Ryan Meader" prove himself in light of all the accusations made by posters before donating. Otherwise, the other 999,999 odds say you're throwing your "at least $35" away.

One last note: for those dissing on, save your breath. This site may be a scam, and these "rumors" may be the pure fabrication of some sick bastard's imagination, but the real rumors was a good rumor site. Their sources were real, and their predictions were as accurate as any RUMOR site's could be. I remember when I bought my 17" iMac in 2002. I had the money to buy an iMac in early July, but MOSR said there was a 17" widescreen iMac coming within a matter of weeks. I talked to a few dealers, and they said that was ridiculous. A week later, at Macworld, the 17" iMac was announced, and I ordered mine as I laughed at those dumb@$$ dealers.

The bottom line: The real MOSR was as good a rumor site as there ever was. But this is not MOSR. Don't waste your "at least $35" contributing to the scams of a clever imposter.

At July 27, 2004 at 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To everything in the previous post:


At July 31, 2004 at 4:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What he said above... nicely done btw...

At August 1, 2004 at 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH what a bunch of fucking morons. Can't u idiots see that the request for money goes to the exact same url as the one hosted until the day it went down? How the heck could that be a scam, what a bunch of idiots you people are. and ryan meateater or whatever and rumors havent published a true rumor since the millenium. you guys must be some morons.

YOU ARE THE ONES CREATING THE RUMORS! This is, from what i can tell, the real MOSR. They said it is. They ask for $ at the SAME EXACT AMAZON HONOR SYSTEM ACCOUNT. So ...

to the moron who everyon e thinks said things so wel..;. if this were a SCAM!, HOW THE HELL IS THE SCAMMER GONNA GET THE MONEY FROM RYANS ACCOUNT?


At August 23, 2004 at 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how people who scream at everybody in all caps and indulge in name-calling and other sorts of thirteen-year-old behavior always feel so clever, yet always look so foolish.

To our last poster, a few tips:

Lesson #1:
>>OH what a bunch of fucking morons. Can't u idiots see that...

First, swearing makes you look like the uneducated, uncouth "moron", it's rude, and immediately guarantees that no one will take you seriously.

Lesson #2:
>>what a bunch of idiots you people are
>>you guys must be some morons
>>to the moron who everyon e

Don't do that. Name calling, especially of this magnitude, makes it clear to everyone that you are one of two things: a) a child, or even worse, b) a grown man who acts with the maturity (or lack thereof) of a child.

Lesson #3:
>>This is, from what i can tell, the real MOSR. They said it is.

Don't believe everything everyone says. And no, this is the farthest thing from the real MOSR. The writing style and level alone make that clear. And that just scratches the surface. Anyone paying attention can see that. And now we see that that was exactly the case. is back online, and it's clearly not a continuation of any of this (especially since this continues to update). And now, we have the confession of a 16-year-old kid. (Is it you?)

Lesson #4:

Take your own advice next time. The real MOSR, as any regular reader knows, and as is once again the case with their return, accepts donations via PayPal. And they still don't specify how much we should donate. You should have done better research before you accused us of being defficient in that area.

Lesson #5:
>>the request for money goes to the exact same url as the one hosted until the day it went down? How the heck could that be a scam...?

I'll tell you how. MOSR doesn't use the Amazon honor system. At one point, I think they might have, but they now use PayPal. So someone registered an Amazon honor system under the "MacOSRumors" alias. Not a difficult thing to do.

Lesson #6:
>>and ryan meateater or whatever and rumors havent published a true rumor since the millenium

If you were a regular reader, rather than just a troll with too much time on his hands, you would know this not to be true. MOSR is as good a rumors site as exists in the Mac community. As far as accuracy goes, they're about as good as it gets in a business that is, by definition, an educated guessing game.

The moral of the story: In case the length and writing style of this post didn't clue you in (though, judging from your post, writing style may not be something you have any ability to judge), I am the author of the first long post, exposing this for the scam that it is (though I make no claim to originality or discovery, as others had already made that claim before me; I just spelled it out in detail). In your trolling fury, you were about as wrong as you could possibly be. This is not MOSR, the Amazon honor system account does not go to MOSR, I was not an idiot in telling the story of the scam this site's author was running, and they were not "idiots" for agreeing with me. And you failed to practice what you preach by doing any research of your own. You're clearly either a child in need of firmer discipline, or a pathetic child of a man; for your sake, I hope it's not the latter.

A couple questions for you.

First, the author of this site has confessed to being a 16 year old prankster, con artist, and troll. Is it you?

And second... do you use a PC?

Here's to the resurrection of the real MOSR, folks. Cheers.

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