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Mac0SRumors: Anonymous report on Quad Power Mac G5s (96% reliability)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Anonymous report on Quad Power Mac G5s (96% reliability)

Rumors is prepared to confirm the existence of Apple Quad PowerMacs from anonymous federal sources nested deep in the grape vine. According to some of our oldest and most reliable sources at IBM, we should see these graphic stomping monsters in time forChristmas, with a high price tag. Almost a dozen informants at high levels have corroborated the following specs of prototype Quad PowerMacs that Apple has deployed for testing with a close partner in the movie industry.

Quad 3GHz PowerPC 975ex G5 processors
1.5GHz frontside bus/processor
1 GB default ECC Fast RAM (expandable to 12GB)
250 GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm (Expandable to 1 TB)
NVIDIA GeForce 6900 Ultra DDL Graphics
16x SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
Wireless Apple Keyboard and Mouse
6 PCI Express Slots
56K internal modem
4 handles on top

We are hearing that the Quad PowerMac uses a stretched Cube like enclosure about 50 percent larger than current PowerMac G5 case that kind of looks like something out of the future. Mumblings in the grape vine say that no small number of testers have been testing the Quad PowerMac by placing them on the floor and under desks. If the lights are dim, the Quad can be seen emanating a blue light through its casing, making it look like something from the future, also lighting up the Apple logos and "G5s".

Rumors has been promised an exclusive inside look at the Quad PowerMac by visiting with sources later this month and we will be reporting first hand on the details and may even get to take some pictures.

All in all, we hear that the Quad has 2 more months of quality testing and it could be released at Apple Expo Paris or as least by Thanksgiving time. According to the grape vine the Quad uses a brand new and unannounced 975ex processor that will race Apple past their current processor problems.

Suffice to say, if you're chompin at the bit for a Quad PowerMac G5, keep a close eye on the ship times for the current PowerMac G5s. Once they've been shipping immediately for a few weeks, new Quad PowerMacs wont be to too far behind.

Site News: Toby is recovering nicely today from a broken nose and the laceration to his Big toe and he feels strong that he will be able to jump back on the rumormonger-mobile and begin contributing again soon. Unfortunately it was unknown to Rumors until this morning that on the way to his second accident which happened at the Black Light Media building, Toby sideswiped an elderly woman riding a Vespa returning from the grocery store and also ran over a neighborhood cat. The owners of the cat are not pressing charges against Toby and the elderly woman was not seriously injured, but she is pursuing Toby for negligence and the cost of an inspection check at the hospital and the cosmetic damage to her 2004 Vespa scooter. Toby is considering hiring a lawyer to counter sue the Hospital for allowing him to check out while under a high dose of morphine, and asks any lawyers reading that would like to provide advice to contact us at Now, more than ever, Toby needs your financial support. You can help out Toby and also support the further publication and development of Rumors and a new edition which will deliver over 50 new features! Support Mac OS Rumors healthy return, and the re-recovery of Toby by donating at least $35 through the Mac OS Rumors Honor System.

All in all, we wish Toby a speedy recovery and can't wait till he is back on board.
In the scenario that Toby's recoververy is extended, Rumors may be seeking new editors!

Stay tuned!

More to come.

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At July 11, 2004 at 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must know...What is the status of the Vespa?

At July 12, 2004 at 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I find this hard to believe.

Right now, Apple is having one hell of a time getting dual 2.5's out the door. And, even as a massive cost, quad 3.0's seems absurd.

Plus, IBM would have to make serious strides in less than 90 days to begin commercial fab of a 'new' G5 and get it into production. I think the fact its 'unanounced' and IBM is on public record stating their fab process has been slowed.

it just does not add up. Its a dream Mac system. So we want to believe it.

As to government sources, I know that Apple is usually tight lipped about wholly new products. I find it difficult to accept they have changed practice in 5 years time that they would allow any non trusted developer have any sort of beta machine, especially an entirely new product line. On top of that, Apple rarely, if ever has provided outside testers with actual cased machines more than 45 days before an announcement. NOT EVER. They can come in basic boxes - often sealed to prevent inside peeks. But not a production case so far in advance.

MOSR used to be a good read. You had a better than 50% correct rate. Now, its all about regurgitated news, far out fantasy, and medical posts.

As for the editorial ability. You state 96% reliability. Why not 95% or 97%? You feed us a fantasy Mac, and state its nearly certain, yet have had over the past 12 months an atrocious record. Please do not play the audience. Readers will only take so much.

And yes, I contributed money to MOSR twice over the years. Of course the second time was right before the big lull in posts and the 'member' newsletter never materialized. So I have reason to shout SCAM and be bitter.

I think for any shred of the site to survive you need to pay a real host a few bucks and get the site back in legit territory and make a schedule to post regularly, even if its every Friday, and stick to it. "More later" does not cut it these days.


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