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Mac0SRumors: July 2004

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Site News

Site News We're back....almost. After an enforced summer vacation, we are working to bring the domain back up. is already back up and working towards a second Public Beta build 35 revision #BBK1NG compile 44, 32, hut, hut....

Please note that any other sites claiming to be MOSR, or by our founder Ryan Meader, are fraudulent fakes and any requests for money by these other sites are scams. is the ONLY place where the good ild MacOSRumors content is available.

If you'd like to contact us, you can't because we still haven't been able to pay off our domain registry. While Toby's toe laceration is improving and he is thankful for your support, not a single MacOSRumors reader has donated a dime. We've been working odd jobs like washing dishes at Hunans Noodle on One, mowing lawns for grandparents, and pulling the levers at state carnivals. W'ere almost there!

Rumors Public Beta build 35 revision #BBK1NG compile 44,32,hut, hut.... is about to be promoted to Rumors Public Beta build 36 revision #L1LL-K1M compile 1, 2, 3 little indians.

Stay tuned for the return of the Original Mac Rumor site in August!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sources unveil Mac OS X 10.3.6!

Next Update (11:30PM today, we promise! After the annual invite only rumors bash in Portlands hottest night spot. Advertisers, we'll see you there and don't be square.)

Some of Rumors most precious and sacred secret sources have recently been blessed with a very early (early alpha development stages!) build of Mac OS X 10.3.6. Rumors, though no small feat, were able to confirm the authenticity (93% reliability) of the Mac OS X 10.3.6 mere existence profile, through private Apple Internal Documents passed off by a familiar Rumors source and family cousin, and also confirmed by at least a dozen other Apple employees who were contacted via the grapevine.

Current build information: Mac OS X 10.3.6 build "8N03"
Size: 58 MB
Contained: in Mac OS X .dmg image
Codename: Viognier (Bouciallay pompay hey hey)

Secret documents obtained by Rumors from the grapevine also list these somewhat juicy enhancements.

Key enhancements:
- AirPort 4.1 Software improves stability and performance of the AirPort Express and iTunes.
-iTunes 4.7 featuring "iDJ" remix and broadcast (Requires AirPort Express)
-Improvements to USB, FireWire, and Quartz Extreme.
-iSync 1.5 includes support for the latest bluetooth enabled cell phones and supports wireless iTunes sharing with new Motorola phones.
-Updated Terminal Application
-Expose Professional now caters to the power user, offering 8 separate virtual desktop workstations at the touch of a key.
-CoreVideo for Panther
-Safari 1.4 features search-anywhere technology.
-Previous stand alone security updates.

All in all, performance of the new system was very buggy when tested in the Rumors labs briefly for 4 minutes. Ad dew, a par, a lone we last us be, we could not retain the copy from our sources, nor did we want to jeopardize their careers! So screenshots will have to wait!

Although rumormongers frequenting the grapevine are at a seeming lull for further details or even a release date, your head-hancho believes we will see an imminent release of the system by December, in time for Christmas.

All in all, this is no small package for Apple to cram into a box that fits in between the Mac OS X 10.3.5 and Mac OS X 10.4.

More to come.

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Sorry for the delay!

Next Update: Tomorrow 9am!

We apologize for the delay in updating, but over the past week, Toby has taken a turn for the worse. The laceration to his toe has, in no small way, become infected and Toby may have to loose his big toe to the ax. We will remain by his side through the durration of the operation, if need be.

In other news, the Power Book G5 development is moving along nicely, according to well place grapes in the grape vine. By sources estimates, a PowerBook G5 should appear in January of 2005.

Stay tuned for more details.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Grape vine: PowerBook G5 has AT&T Wireless web capabilities built in! (90% Reliability)

During that excruciatingly painful trip to Boston, your favorite rumormongers ran smack into a Mobile Quickie Mart, but later into a Prototype of Apple's new PowerBook G5! (See yesterdays report for specs). Boy are we juiced up like monkeys for this bad boy and have saved the last scoop for you today.

You are hearing it first right here on Rumors, Apple is very very secretly partnering with AT&T to include a AT&T wireless technology in the PowerBook G4 that will give you the advanced power of the AT&T Wireless GPRS/EDGE network built on GSM. The network is by no small means a very fast one, but business types like ourselves on the go will overwhelmingly bow at its presence on an Apple laptop.

We should stress that the development of the new PowerBooks are very much ongoing, and the Mac rumormongering world is very much at a point presently where many things (notably the yields of PPC 970FX processors upon which Xserve G5s and new PowerMacs depend) remain very murky. Please do keep your grains of salt handy for the time being; we do not expect to be able to accurately extrapolate many things long-term until a few Months, and iPod minis actually ship and we can gauge IBM's ability to stay on-course with its future PPC 9xx processors.

According to festerers at the roots of the grape vine Apple and ATT will have a special data package available for Mac users who choose to buy a plan. One source, a very good friend of your head-hancho Ryan, and a sister in law to another Rumors staff member, says the deal on Mac users plates will be 50MB a month of bandwidth for $29.95. (Reliability 79%).

If the new G5 PowerBook users are animals and go over 50 MB they will have to pay $0.0127 per additional KB, the grape vine said.

All in all, we are now on our way back from the Macworld show and boy was it a Yawner. By the time we got their yesterday, some exhibitors had already packed up and left. We attempted to visit the Apple Store in Boston, but for some reason we could not find it.

Do you have any tips? It seems our email is not functioning due to the ongoing DNS issues, which should be resolved any day now. If you have tips, please post them in the comments section. Thanks ! Rumors Staff!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

PowerBook G5 exclusive MOSR details


We've arrived, oh have we arrived baby! And we met up with our sources. We're going to hate to say I told you so! We've been able to preview the new Apple PowerBook G5 for approximately 3 minutes from a close family friend and longtime source of Rumors. The G5 book was hand created, not by machine because it is an early model, but boy is it sleek! The book is a combination of chrome, black, and mostely aluminum holed grates like the powermac and the base, and a sick black aliminum and chrome design on the top and sides. Ports are on the left side, the cd is on the right with a PC-card slot, there is a new Power Adapter!

Specs we could pick out from the preview:
-15-inch screen (on the one we saw)...very wide
-think brim around screen
-1.6 GHz IBM PowerPC 970(SX!) processor (lower power)
-800 MHz frontside bus
-2GB of ram (standard will be 256, source said)
-160 GB hd (standard will be 80, source said)
-64 MB of VIDEO RAM, SICK NVIDIA CARD!!! Quartz was amazing running tiger on this puppy, you should see what it enabled.

Our rumormongers are quickly working on a sketch of the new units! We hope to be able to post it.

In site news, Toby is doing well and was able to feed himself today and walk on his lacerated big toe. He thanks all of you for support and donations! Rumors this week raised $3,145.40 towards Toby's medical bills and we've retained the likes of a lawyer for the Vespa Scoot vs Rumors employee case.

All in all, a wonderful day in the grape vine and no small number of upsets. Today Apple also announced a profit of $60 MILLION dollars on 2 BILLION in revenue!leeioccoca

Due to the accident with the bus we are currently updating MOSR from Bostons "Slap Happy Tappy" bar on west st. The owners have graciously provided Rumors with inet access and brewws! Stay tuned for further details of the PowerBook G5 prototype.

PowerBook G5 prototype in leu of Macworld due to conditions!

Next update: 11:30 PM

Dear our loyal readers. Originally we had planned live coverage of Macworld Boston and have had some unfortunate setbacks. For starters, Monday started off great. The Rumors crew of 5 picked up some muffins and donuts, and awaited the arrival of Greyhound to Boston. We stashed our bags and laptops in the exterior undercarriage storage of the bus, popped on our iPods and began rocking all the way to Boston a cool 65 MPH.

Everything was great until we hit New Hampshire, then we hit the nail, literally. While cruising at 65 MPH, the Greyhound's front right tire blew like a bomb. Everyone in the bus initially considered the noise to be a terrorist attack on our bus. The bus started swerving wildly until it smacked into the Mobile gas station Quickie Mart along side the interstate, narrowingly missing 2 fuel pumps by about 50 feet. All in all, the driver did a wonderful job forcing the bus to a halt, he saved many lives, including the Rumors crew.

Great news! No one was seriously hurt and older folks were treated for heart conditions. Bad news... the undercarriage storage of the bus had been forced loose, our PowerBooks and 1 Book and 1 prototype Power Book G5 (on lend from grape vine sources) lay on the pavement, in one piece, but severally data damaged.

For the past few days we've spent no small number of hours attempting to recover restitution from Greyhound and find our way into Macworld! We've been sent a limo from Black Light Media to transport us to our suite in the Marriot in Boston for the show. We hope to get some pictures of the Macworld environment shortly and some inside juice from all the vendors.

Rumormongers in the grape vine say a secret Apple source will be in town for the Macworld show because he has to meet with third parties at ATT due to a networking partnership with Apple for the upcoming PowerBook G5!. There is a high probability (50%) that the employee will be carrying a new version of the PowerBook G5 prototype and we have a camera waiting.

Stay Tuned for this breaking story...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

More on the Quad Macs

The Quad Power are going to be announced at Apple Expo Paris, according to multitude of sources found deep in the grape vine( 67.7% reliability). Rumors previously stated that the Quads featured 4 3.0 GHz processors but now sources say that 2.8GHz Quad PowerMacs also exist.

This is a breaking story, please stay tuned for details and sketches.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Mac OS Rumors live coverage of Macworld!

Rumors is packing and preparing to make the trip to Macworld boston! While no small number of reports indicate that this summers show will be a yawner fall-asleeper, almost 100 sources have mailed in over the last 3 weeks with hints at some of the major new products due at the show. Rumors will be publishing live from the show and should have a firsthand account of these new products rumored for intro during Macworld Boston!

-Color iPod Cables (Belkin Corp)
-HP InkJet 5620 (Hewlett Packard)
-Speek and Freak (MacSpeech)
-Bluetooth iPod Module (IOGEAR)
-Spymac 4.0 (SPYMAC)
-Photobook (PhotoVu)

All in all we hear that Macworld will not be a sleeper, nor will it be a yawner. One of Rumors most precious sources has slipped his lip about a MAJOR suprise to come at Macworld Boston which will "shake up the Mac market" and cause Apple to be very upset they did not attend.

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Site News

Site News: When it rains, it pours; more delays have appeared on the road to bringing back on-line, including the death of one team member (Joshua Tan, a frequent content contributor) and the father-in-law of another.

We are still pursuing the update of our domain registration and hope that will be cleared by early next week. By the middle or end of next week we hope to be back on-line and daily updates should resume by mid-June.

Thanks for bearing with us; we've got some great stuff to share with you all leading up to the Apple Paris show.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Anonymous report on Quad Power Mac G5s (96% reliability)

Rumors is prepared to confirm the existence of Apple Quad PowerMacs from anonymous federal sources nested deep in the grape vine. According to some of our oldest and most reliable sources at IBM, we should see these graphic stomping monsters in time forChristmas, with a high price tag. Almost a dozen informants at high levels have corroborated the following specs of prototype Quad PowerMacs that Apple has deployed for testing with a close partner in the movie industry.

Quad 3GHz PowerPC 975ex G5 processors
1.5GHz frontside bus/processor
1 GB default ECC Fast RAM (expandable to 12GB)
250 GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm (Expandable to 1 TB)
NVIDIA GeForce 6900 Ultra DDL Graphics
16x SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
Wireless Apple Keyboard and Mouse
6 PCI Express Slots
56K internal modem
4 handles on top

We are hearing that the Quad PowerMac uses a stretched Cube like enclosure about 50 percent larger than current PowerMac G5 case that kind of looks like something out of the future. Mumblings in the grape vine say that no small number of testers have been testing the Quad PowerMac by placing them on the floor and under desks. If the lights are dim, the Quad can be seen emanating a blue light through its casing, making it look like something from the future, also lighting up the Apple logos and "G5s".

Rumors has been promised an exclusive inside look at the Quad PowerMac by visiting with sources later this month and we will be reporting first hand on the details and may even get to take some pictures.

All in all, we hear that the Quad has 2 more months of quality testing and it could be released at Apple Expo Paris or as least by Thanksgiving time. According to the grape vine the Quad uses a brand new and unannounced 975ex processor that will race Apple past their current processor problems.

Suffice to say, if you're chompin at the bit for a Quad PowerMac G5, keep a close eye on the ship times for the current PowerMac G5s. Once they've been shipping immediately for a few weeks, new Quad PowerMacs wont be to too far behind.

Site News: Toby is recovering nicely today from a broken nose and the laceration to his Big toe and he feels strong that he will be able to jump back on the rumormonger-mobile and begin contributing again soon. Unfortunately it was unknown to Rumors until this morning that on the way to his second accident which happened at the Black Light Media building, Toby sideswiped an elderly woman riding a Vespa returning from the grocery store and also ran over a neighborhood cat. The owners of the cat are not pressing charges against Toby and the elderly woman was not seriously injured, but she is pursuing Toby for negligence and the cost of an inspection check at the hospital and the cosmetic damage to her 2004 Vespa scooter. Toby is considering hiring a lawyer to counter sue the Hospital for allowing him to check out while under a high dose of morphine, and asks any lawyers reading that would like to provide advice to contact us at Now, more than ever, Toby needs your financial support. You can help out Toby and also support the further publication and development of Rumors and a new edition which will deliver over 50 new features! Support Mac OS Rumors healthy return, and the re-recovery of Toby by donating at least $35 through the Mac OS Rumors Honor System.

All in all, we wish Toby a speedy recovery and can't wait till he is back on board.
In the scenario that Toby's recoververy is extended, Rumors may be seeking new editors!

Stay tuned!

More to come.

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Q&A Have you heard anything about where iTunes is headed?

NEXT UPDATE: 9 PM on Sunday! |(Yes that's right, we will update twice on Sunday!)

Kevin Miller writes: Have you heard anything about where iTunes is headed this year?

For one thing, iTunes development is not only bogged down by non-code issues like the legal blockages on the Internationalization front, it's also bogged down by the fact that changes need to be made for both Mac OS X and Windows, then tested on both platforms, before they can be rolled out and baked. Many rumormongers on the grape vine can be heard over talking about the 'Battle' conditions currently present at the mothership in Cupertino.

In no small way is iTunes team adequately prepared and insider cut throats say that the team is horribly over worked and are even limited to 15 minute lunch breaks because they are being pressured by Steve Jobs to keep up their industry lead. One iTunes team member speaking to Rumors under anonymity said that he and a co worker have been reduced to bringing in a bag of rolls and a case of tuna and a jar of Mayo because they don't have enough time to get other food means or make it to Caffe Macs, the campus restaurant. Also because Jobs wants the team working as much as possible, he has banned video games, instant messanger and even mini fridges from the iTunes sector.

All in all, we believe that iTunes is heading in a great upward direction. Steve Jobs, however should be ashamed of himself for overseeing such wrenched conditions to one of his most prized teams. If you think so too, you should contact him and tell him about it.

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Next-generation G5s have Quad Processor Technology!

7:55 PM

No small number of sources have written and called in over the past few months with inside juice on an Apple Quad Power Mac. Although the consensus among rumormongers has been, for quite some time, a resounding "no way" on this subject, several recent reports suggest otherwise.

Apparently Apple has done a surprising amount of R&D on just such a machine....Stay tuned for tomorrow's update which will include a very interesting anonymous report that includes details of just such a machine! Some sources say that Apple has packed this powerhouse inside a case not that much larger than today's G5s, but a resounding number of sources have reported that it is smaller.

More to come.

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Is there a Mac OS X 10.3.5?

7:01 PM

Andrew Dinsdale writes: I've been reading around the web a lot this week that there is some Mac OS X 10.3.5 builds that are going around. I can't find many details, I was hoping you guys have some inside knowledge, since you are the experts in the mac rumor business?

Andrew, although we hear that Mac OS X 10.3.5 has been delayed by a number of months, Apple sources said developers have been seeded build '7M18' of the next-generation system. According to rumors overheard in the underground grapevine, the consensus appears to be that the system will have updates to Networking, Audio/Sound, Safari, Mail, Networking, OpenGL, and Login window.

All in all, we expect that Mac OS X 10.3.5 will deliver many improvements over Mac OS X 10.3.4. Our sources say that our favorite fruit company will release the next-generation system for Free!

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Mac OS Rumors in transition phase

To all our fans, we are terribly sorry for the recent outage. Our core server, defiant, has suffered a horrible death and the MOSR team is currently working day and night to recover the data. Several weeks ago, Toby checked himself out of the hospital without telling family or friends. Toby, at the time, had just been injected with his evening dose of liquid morphine, but for some reason unknown to us he was released on his own account. Instead of going home and staying home, Toby apparently took a cab to his house, then took the keys to his grandmother's 1979 Oldsmobile cutlass and began driving to Portland, to the Black Light Media, the headquarters and parent company of MOSR. When Toby arrived at the Black Light Media driveway, he was unable to properly stop due to being under the strong influence of morphine and as a result of the terrible accident he suffered just months ago. Toby accidentally drove the Oldsmobile through an exterior wall of Black Light Media. Unfortunately for Toby and another member of the MOSR staff, The wall Toby hit was adjacent to the master bathroom, where a member of the Black Light Media Staff was bathing. The force to the wall, shattered the tub, sending waves of Water from the bathroom into the nearby Black Light Media Sever room. Although Ryan attempted to absorb as much water as he could using a bag of the new MOSR t-shirts (coming soon), the water was too much for the shirts. The water flooded into the Server room where the MOSR core server lay. The water soon hit an outlet and sparks flew everywhere, starting a small fire and blowing the power. The police arrived within minutes as did the fire department, due to the fire. The Fire Department went in with hoses, and flushed the whole room and all the servers. This is also the reason our sister site, has been unavailable.

Toby was ironically rushed back to the same hospital he checked himself out of 45 minutes prior. He suffered lacerations to his big toe, a sprained index finger, and a broken nose. Unfortunately Toby has still been unable to obtain health insurance. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments built up from his accident a few months ago, this has literally crippled Toby and his family. Toby thanks all of you who donated to him previously, and regretfully may have to ask for your assistance again. Toby is accepting your support through the Mac OS Rumors Honor System.

Your head-hancho was also rushed in a separate ambulance because he was the Black Light Media official bathing in the tub at the time of the accident. I cannot thank you all enough for your support. The ones who found out have been incredible and a great support group.

We are hoping to recover some data soon. In the meantime, we will update the MOSR readers on this site and post some interesting rumors coming through the grape vine, in the meantime. Our elves are also hard at work on a new version of MOSR that will deliver over 50 new features. A members area is also in the planning!

Thank you all so much for your patience.

The MOSR Staff