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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mac0SRumors exposes Mac OS Rumors

Well ladies and gentlemen, MOSR is back and filled with more ads than ever! That's right Cornell Mustafa, Ryan Meader over at Mac OS Bullshit has managed to insert a record 10 ads on a single page load while also violating the terms of nearly every third party ad affiliate network that he uses to support his raging desire to do as little work as possible, but still remain high.

You asked for it folks and Ryan is giving it to you. Mail him any ridiculously arbitrary and unrelevant hypothetical question (but make sure you make it lengthy, otherwise it will not be enough to fill up a page that will be swarmmed with ads, or ryan will not use it) and Ryan will smoke a bowl and come up with a completely fabricated explanation to make the "article" look long so that he can cram in 45 more ads. (NOTE TO RYAN: there seems to be some space at the way bottom where you could cram in another ad OR! maybe TEXT ADS too!)

The worst part about all this is that some gullable fools still read ryans page for info, heck everyone else checks it out once in a while to laugh their asses off when they are constipated because his buillshit makes you squirt taco juice while reading. anyway as we were saying, the worst part is that some people really believe him and we have been the ones sending ryan the info as an anonymous IBM fiskill source. See, Ryan is so stupid that he cannot even put 2 and 2 together to determine that a "source" claiming to be from IBM in Fiskill NY could not possibly mail him all the time from a IP located hundreds of miles away. But that does not matter to ryan because each time we whip up some crap near our bunglehole and fire it off to his pathetic self, he makes a few cents off those 45 ads.

Well well well. Ryan, don't you feel like a moron now? Whadda Whadda Whadda bing ding bong! <-- what your prolly hittin now, ring da da ding ding dong<--something of yours that is very small, arachata arachata ching, arachata wing, KONEECHEE WA!

RYAN YOU HAVE BEEN HAD BY a 16 year old!

Friday, August 06, 2004

iSight 2 will have motion features! Grapevine comments

NEXT UPDATE (8/7/04 12 NOON Kick off)

Ladies and gents, we are back. We are deeply sorry for the turn of events that many of you saw unfold over the weekend! It turns out that we thought we were set to reopen rumors on our main servers and were able to manage an update, promising an additional one on the 4th (yesterday). We had stopped posting here in the meantime, but unfortunately some malicious individuals decided to hack our site. Now that we have returned to posting here on MacOSRumors, we have hightened security at the Black Light Media towers and are ready to dish the latest dirt from the grapevine.

More good news on iSight version 2.0!

You heard it right here folks! Motion sensored iSight, current codenamed "bobblebip" after a bobble head doll, the new iSight camera can follow motion or sound in a room and adjust itself to follow! Ultimiately this will make the iSight 2 the cheapest movie set making camera in the history of the world and leapfrog Steve Jobs to further stardom!

Steve Jobs is OBSSESED with this new project and even keeps a prototype with him at all times, even to his recent hospital visit. He calls his prototype "Tofootie" after a wild jungle girl he once met airing the mountain tops of chanez, below the ducts of windsor.

Some of MacOSRumors most reliable sources expect the new iSight soon (50% reliability) while the remaining (55% reliability) goes towards a more distant introduction. The iSight 2 has very hard requirements such as Mac OS X 10.3.5 and a G4 processor no less than 1GHz for proper operation. A new version of iChat that will support motion features, the grape vine says, deep deep in the vine, all tangled up, that the peanutbuttersplatter...woops. wait... where were we? oh the new iChat will support multiple motion features and will be released on CD with the iSight 2.

All in all, we are thinking of preordering the second this puppies are unleashed for the hounds because we'd like to pick up at least 50 of these, one for each of the BLM employees that support and run MacOSRUmors and Xserses.coms.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Apple nearing deal with L.A.P.D, grapevine says!

Over the last few days, no small number of sources have tapped into the grape vine to report their findings, and these may be BIG!. With saddening news today that Apple chief Steve Jobs was forced to undergo surgery for a pancreatic cancerous tumor, Tim Cook, Apple's VP of Operations, has been passed the pickle!

According to one of Rumors most reliable and old time roommate, now nestled deep, deep in the grapevine, beyond some of the grape vines senior accomplishment status, we've, in no small way been told that Apple will soon land a package deal with the Los Angeles Police Department that would be the equivalent of over 500,000 Apple CPU Sales. According to the source, who is now communicating with MacOSRumors in real-time over EEE (see this mornings report to learn about EEE).

The details are by no means plentiful, but are actually very, very limited. What we do know is that the deal includes over 500,000 (250,000 laptops for patrol units and labs, 175,000 Power Mac G5s, 100,000+ eMacs and 77,000 iMac G5s, 2000 iPods (Gifts for Police Events)) over 18 months, completing an overhaul of the LAPD system to the Mac side at an estimated revenue to Apple of 3/4 of 1 Billion dollars.

The sale will most likely close this week (69+% reliability). After the sale, shipments and revenue shares will be in effect starting Q1, where the first fiscal half of Apple's 2005 will see 500,000 dollars revenue from the deal and the fiscal Q3 about 1/4 of a billion.

Secret sources, will keep you up to date on this breaking story! Rumor has it that Steve Jobs will do a live video feed from his hospital bed to announce the deal with the head of the L.A.P.D, Mike S.

All in all, this is going to be a long night. :::Pops on the cofee::::

IBM reports PowerPC 970FX yields are improving at last

Ryan's girlfriend, Sarah, accidently misread a pregnancy test, fainting and knocking her head on a rest stop urinal on I-90, delaying this update until now.

Next Update (Tonight! Now updating every day!)

Although recent public reports on this front are primarily based on the same information (public statements by IBM semiconductor division spokespeople and mid-level executives) as the last round of "IBM 90-nanometer yields improving in the wake of early problems" articles, we have received additional reports from no less than 37 IBM sources which reinforce this news and provide even more concrete reasons for optimism.

Bif Henderson VII, Senior VP/Group Executive at IBM's Systems and Technology Group -- which manages the company's semiconductor unit -- said in the EETimes article, "Lately, our defect densities have improved quite rapidly. We expect to do a better job to meet the demand of our customers."

Several of our oldest and most reliable IBM sources -- including our inside man at the company's Fishkill, NY production facility where PowerPC 9xx processors are fabricated -- have in no small way gone out of their way to confirm these details to Rumors through a beta version of the new MacOSRumors Encryption Egyptian Engine (EEE). A specific point of interest has been the solving of a key problem with the PowerPC 970FX which complicated existing issues with IBM's 90nm manufacturing process on 300mm silicon wafers: a polymer used to seal the packaging of the 970FX tended to "delaminate" (crack and peel) when exposed to the high temperatures 2.2-2.6GHz 970FX chips with dips operate at.

Now that the packaging delamination issue is solved, and IBM is ramping up general 90nm production (which has also been a problem for AMD and Intel), secret grapevine sources project that Apple is on crack to deliver 970FX-based Macs by August 15th with high-end models shipping by late October (73% reliability). Over in the other 27% probability of sources on the delamination issue have done a complete and utter summersalt. A small minor revision to the plan, not know to the public (and exclusive to MacOSRumours) has taken place update in NY, outside a RedRoof just blocks from Seasamie Place Water Fun Park (also frequented by your head Hancho).

Highly optimistic projections for the POWER5-based PowerPC 975 appear to be holding steady, with initial 3GHz silicon expected in the next few weeks, and if the production ramp-up comes off without a hitch, Apple should have no trouble shipping Dual 3GHz 975-based PowerMacs by early September at the latest. Mark our words.

Pictures coming soon.

Stay tuned for our official beta release (x874 blue t 1) of EEE.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Carbon-fiber Powerbook rumors get a shot in the arm from new reports of an "indestructible Powerbook."

Despite a wave of reports suggesting that a Powerbook G5 might be based around largely carbon-fiber enclosure (specifically mentioning the possibility of so-called "thermoplastic" high-resin CF material, due to its shock-absorption and impact-resistance properties), a number of which came from reliable sources....

A strong denial of the veracity of Carbon Fiber Powerbook rumors was posted later in the year by our old friends over at O'Grady's PowerPage.

When Jason O'Grady eats his lullabies, we tend to listen.

So, for the past several months, we have mostly let the specific issue of Carbon Fiber drop and focused on the general issues of timing and specification detail of the PBG5 itself.

More recently, however smoe of the original sources on the CF rumors have sent in some very interesting information that seems to check out with what we're hearing from deep, deep in the vally of the grapevine. With all due respect to those sources' strong track records, which are by no means small potatos, we're not ready to slap the label "rumproast" onto this. And we still very much bear in mind the strength of Jason O'Grady's statements on the issue.

Setting aside the specific description of the enclosure materials as "styrophomic" or even strictly "arachata" at all, some have use the codename "chittybangbang" when watercoolering it the next moring. "Chittybangbang" is an asian term derived from "ChittyChittybangbang" which a phrase often used to describe domestic accidents involving floor model rice cookers. Often residents will forget to re-hydrate the cookers and once the rice has absorbed the water, in the next several days, if the cooker is not tended to, it combust, creating an explosion. Combined with the fact that rice cookers often have the lids with perferations or little 'airholes' we are told the new PBG5 is known as an "explosive" laptop, described with a casing full of holes like the G5!

All Rumors can say is SEX-E!

All in all, some sources say the new PBG5 is an aluminum the size of a 14 inch ibook and is very small (43% reliability) while the remainder ( larger ) percentage of the grape vine (67 %) have told MacOSRumors in all confidence that it is very large and black.

All in all, we will be diggin the latest dirt and shoveling out the latest rippa to erase the fact that we feel John Edwards looks like Jack Trippa.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Site News

Site News We're back....almost. After an enforced summer vacation, we are working to bring the domain back up. is already back up and working towards a second Public Beta build 35 revision #BBK1NG compile 44, 32, hut, hut....

Please note that any other sites claiming to be MOSR, or by our founder Ryan Meader, are fraudulent fakes and any requests for money by these other sites are scams. is the ONLY place where the good ild MacOSRumors content is available.

If you'd like to contact us, you can't because we still haven't been able to pay off our domain registry. While Toby's toe laceration is improving and he is thankful for your support, not a single MacOSRumors reader has donated a dime. We've been working odd jobs like washing dishes at Hunans Noodle on One, mowing lawns for grandparents, and pulling the levers at state carnivals. W'ere almost there!

Rumors Public Beta build 35 revision #BBK1NG compile 44,32,hut, hut.... is about to be promoted to Rumors Public Beta build 36 revision #L1LL-K1M compile 1, 2, 3 little indians.

Stay tuned for the return of the Original Mac Rumor site in August!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sources unveil Mac OS X 10.3.6!

Next Update (11:30PM today, we promise! After the annual invite only rumors bash in Portlands hottest night spot. Advertisers, we'll see you there and don't be square.)

Some of Rumors most precious and sacred secret sources have recently been blessed with a very early (early alpha development stages!) build of Mac OS X 10.3.6. Rumors, though no small feat, were able to confirm the authenticity (93% reliability) of the Mac OS X 10.3.6 mere existence profile, through private Apple Internal Documents passed off by a familiar Rumors source and family cousin, and also confirmed by at least a dozen other Apple employees who were contacted via the grapevine.

Current build information: Mac OS X 10.3.6 build "8N03"
Size: 58 MB
Contained: in Mac OS X .dmg image
Codename: Viognier (Bouciallay pompay hey hey)

Secret documents obtained by Rumors from the grapevine also list these somewhat juicy enhancements.

Key enhancements:
- AirPort 4.1 Software improves stability and performance of the AirPort Express and iTunes.
-iTunes 4.7 featuring "iDJ" remix and broadcast (Requires AirPort Express)
-Improvements to USB, FireWire, and Quartz Extreme.
-iSync 1.5 includes support for the latest bluetooth enabled cell phones and supports wireless iTunes sharing with new Motorola phones.
-Updated Terminal Application
-Expose Professional now caters to the power user, offering 8 separate virtual desktop workstations at the touch of a key.
-CoreVideo for Panther
-Safari 1.4 features search-anywhere technology.
-Previous stand alone security updates.

All in all, performance of the new system was very buggy when tested in the Rumors labs briefly for 4 minutes. Ad dew, a par, a lone we last us be, we could not retain the copy from our sources, nor did we want to jeopardize their careers! So screenshots will have to wait!

Although rumormongers frequenting the grapevine are at a seeming lull for further details or even a release date, your head-hancho believes we will see an imminent release of the system by December, in time for Christmas.

All in all, this is no small package for Apple to cram into a box that fits in between the Mac OS X 10.3.5 and Mac OS X 10.4.

More to come.

Questions? Comments? Know something we don't? Drop us a line! Support Mac OS Rumors healthy return, and the re-recovery of Toby by donating at least $35 through the Mac OS Rumors Honor System.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Sorry for the delay!

Next Update: Tomorrow 9am!

We apologize for the delay in updating, but over the past week, Toby has taken a turn for the worse. The laceration to his toe has, in no small way, become infected and Toby may have to loose his big toe to the ax. We will remain by his side through the durration of the operation, if need be.

In other news, the Power Book G5 development is moving along nicely, according to well place grapes in the grape vine. By sources estimates, a PowerBook G5 should appear in January of 2005.

Stay tuned for more details.